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Juvenile Eligibility Status

Juvenile Immigration Eligibility Status (SIJ)

To petition for SIJ a foreign national must have a state court order that contains certain findings, which USCIS uses to determine his or her status. The court must have the authority under the applicable state law to decide on the custody and care of children.

Actions State Court Must Take

A state court in the United States must decide the following:

• To declare that the foreign national is a dependent of the court or to legally place the foreign national with a state agency, a private agency, or a private person;

• It is not in the best interests of the foreign national to return to his or her home country (or the country last lived in); and

• The foreign national cannot be reunited with a parent because of ANY of the following:

1. Abuse;

2. Abandonment;

3. Neglect; or

4. Similar reason under state law

Once the foreign national establishes eligibility for SIJ status, he or she may be eligible for lawful permanent residence in the United States.

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