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Holiday Shoppers, Beware! Red Alert!

Happy Holidays!  This is a glorious time when we decorate, cook and shop to celebrate a season full of various wonderful holidays all across the US.  We

Fake gifts victimize buyers.

Buy Genuine Holiday Gifts!

glide through piles of merchandise, choosing gifts for loved ones near and far, and we never feel the threat.  However, there are dangers lurking on every shelf.  Read on to discover the hidden menance on shelves and street corners, and available at rock-bottom prices.

The Super Anti-Countierfitting  Your Unsung Shopping Heroes!

Here at Morgan Law Counselors, we are aware that some people have a strong misconception as to the duties of the officers of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  They are not simply guards or interrogators.  No, they are protectors who defend citizens and visitors alike, from trillions of fake and unsafe products.  Because it is Holiday time, and gift-giving is at its peak, special merchandise is flooding the markets and malls.  This protection is not a slip-shod overnight affair, but a complex system begun in summer sunshine.

Homeland Security reports, “Each year, CBP officers and import specialists get to preview the latest holiday merchandise in June when CBP processes the first containers of decorations and toys for all ages at the nation’s seaports and airports.”

Buyer, Beware:  What You See Is Not What You Get!

You hardly ever hear about the valiant efforts of CBP officers and import specialists who strive to keep you and your dollars safe from illicit and downright dangerous imitation brand products.  Likewise, they are on the look-out for real products that are also discovered to be unsafe for consumers.

Counterfeiting:  These Products are Hazardous to Your Way of Life!

In 2015, officers and workers in the CBP seized products that violated intellectual property rights in 28,000 separate operations.  Had these products

Holiday shopping can hurt you in more ways than one!

Holiday Shoppers, Beware! Are holiday brands real or fake?

been genuine, the price-tag would have meant $1.3 trillion dollars to the lawful owners of their copyrights.

Such a phenomenal economic bite out of business is a crime against our economy.  In the end it hurts the consumer, who was so proud of a great bargain.

Counterfeit merchandise is not victimless.  Now it might not matter if that purse you bought for a Holiday gift for Aunt Tandy is spelled Prada or Praada.  But what does matter is that it could be hazardous to her health.

The leather could have been cured incorrectly and dyed with poisonous pigments.  The pretty metal trim might have been made of unsanitary and fragile plastic.  The hand-bound edges could have been poorly stitched and flawed.

CBP reports, “The Counterfeits are often made of inferior materials, manufactured under uncontrolled and unsanitary conditions, and labeled with false information.”

It’s so sad that when you give a counterfeit brand, you are giving items that could harm the health or safety of friends or family.  Some examples of counterfeit items currently collected by our CBP agents include:



power strip outlets,

Laundry detergent and (perhaps saddest of all, children’s toys.)

Morgan Law Counselors want you to be safe and happy during the heartwarming holiday festivities coming this season.  We advise you to protect yourself and your family by avoiding counterfeits.  Check out the following 5 Tips so you know you purchase the genuine brand.

1.     Know the Real Deal.  Go to the manufacturer’s website and preview quality and learn how the genuine article is created.

2.     Read labels and packages.  Red Flags are: A broken seal, a strange misspelling, awkward grammar and odd packaging?  These little problems often indicate “fake!”

The Border Patrol is protecting all of us against fakes.

Holiday gifts-Real or Fake? Beware!

3.     Please double-check the price.  In the words of the CBP, “If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

4.     Purchase your gifts and holiday needs from reputable retailers.  The internet is a virtual highway of traps for consumers this time of year!  Check out the seller with online claims.

Search reviews.  The Better Business Bureau rating is a great tool to check out a company.

5.     Know what counterfeiters do! Often counterfeited products are on many shopping lists:  pharmaceuticals, personal care products, shoes, toys, headphones, luxury goods and electronics.

There could be no better time of year for us to warn you that these economic threats exist.

We want you to have safe, wonderful holiday celebrations with your family and friends. We hope you pass these tips on to everyone on your holiday gift-giving list!

Find more detailed information concerning trade enforcement at the CBP’s online resource.

Meanwhile, the lawyers and staff at Morgan Law Counselors wish you the very best of the Season’s    Greetings!

Whatever winter holiday you celebrate this time of year,

we believe the spirit captures “tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.”

Here in sunny Orlando, Florida, the family at Morgan Law Counselors sends your family…

“a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal,

and that every path may lead to peace.”



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